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anime north post: obligatory but fun

oh god ok sorry about my blog new followers from anime north probably!!! it’s really unquality at the moment like my art tag only has.  one page in it oops.  anyway the point is


wow what a great weekend ok week, starting from wednesday just intense button making i LITERALLY not even exaggerating here I LITERALLY GOT ARM MUSCLES OVER A PERIOD OF FIVE DAYS?? is this from button making because i think oh god i can feel myself bulging whenever i flex this is either swollen muscles or i have gained actual muscle mass hoyl ship

MY REALLY GOOD TABLE PARTNER JUHI WHO LITERALLY (once again, i almost always use this word in the correct manner and this is one of those times) MADE A COSPLAYER STRIP TO HIS SKIVVIES WOW THAT WAS ACTUALLY GREAT (it’s ok he wanted it.  he was a sniper who was wearing australian speedos it was great.)

ate so much more than i did last year!! THANK YOU JEN you are the actual greatest surrogate helper sorry for stealing you from agnes.  

anyway the point is wow i actually sold out of adventure time prints and DANNY PHANTOM PRINTS HOLY GOODNESS YOU GUYS I DID NOT EXPECT TO SELL ANY AT ALL. ok and i traded some prints for coolstuff that counts too!!  yeah i ran out that was actually surprising i love you whoever traded for those.  yes, you.  boops you on the nose.

good seeing everyone!!!  izzy and alice were tabling to my left and sammy and daisy were on my right.  agnes and jen were beside them and IT WAS JUST ONE HAPPY HECTIC CORNER of tabling good god

those late nights and cramming sessions were worth it haha i made more profit than i did last year even though my revenue was lower (lol no homestuck allowed this year i guess?? still gave some stuff away for free i hope everyone liked those!)  no marvel stuff allowed either but i gave lokis and thors to lokis and thors because i love lokis and thors yeah

OOH YES FINALLY MET FEARLESSMARS and MORWYN yes greetings future classmates also omfg morwyn i loved your rainbowdash cosplay it was actually THE BEST GIJINKA I HAVE EVER SEEN did i get pictures of you??? i hope i did!!

hey michysoong i heard you had a table at anime north but i don’t think i saw you?  or if i did, i didn’t know it was you i am so sorry i did not have time to find you :((  ooh i should go find that sheridan facebook group lmao :^)

realized that the commissioner of the jack harkness i had last year was none other than the lovely decadentxpastry wow hey wowow good to see you again UwU

saw lots of familiar faces too! good seeing people again 

sold more good omens stuff than i realized like woah also REALLY GLAD THAT PEOPLE GUESSED FRANCK’S NAME FOR A FREE PRINT like that was the only reason i made that print.  to give it away.  you’re not even going to want it if you don’t know his name i guess unless you do and you just forgot his name in WHICH CASE SORRY I.. maybe… next year…  


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